Construction documents quality management phase checklist

The most important project management checklists — the real top-line items — fall under three main headings: Kick Off, Project Planning, and Project Control. These are the lists that you need to complete before any project can get the green light. They go like this.

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The three documents in Kick Off work up the idea for a project from a one-side overview to an Outline Charter. You add more detail at each point when you have established that the project is worth progressing. The Idea: A one page overview of the basics of the idea for the project.

The Outline Charter sets down the scope and an overview Business Case and is developed using project expertise, not just business expertise. Three major planning documents exist, but the second one — the Project Management Plan — contains quite a few other plans. Project Charter: The strategic view of the project. This will be maintained throughout. Amongst other things, it contains the scope statement to say what the project is, the objectives, and, importantly, the full Business Case.

Project Plan: With the product, activity, and resource plans and also the budget.

construction documents quality management phase checklist

Risk Plan: How you will control risk on the project, including reporting procedures. Quality Plan: The level of quality to be achieved, and how you will achieve it. Communications Plan: What information will be needed and how it will be communicated.

Stakeholder Plan: If you have a significant amount of Stakeholder management to do, how you will do it.

Construction project management 101 – Checklist

Procurement Plan: If your project will involve a significant amount of procurement. This shows what will be bought and when, including lead times. Stage Progress Report: For the Project Manager to report progress to the Steering Group, possibly copied to others such as organisational managers and Project Managers of any interfacing projects.

Team Progress Report: Where you have a project with multiple teams working, the Team Leaders will need to inform the Project Manager of progress on their current work assignments. Stage Completion Report: Produced at the end of each stage, this report is used by the Project Manager to inform the Project Steering Group of how the stage went. So, what was the final time and cost? Were there any problems that will affect future stages? This report may be given as a presentation at the Stage Gate.

Project Completion Report: Produced by the Project Manager at the end of the project, it reports how the whole project went. It should also record any lessons learned during the project, good and bad, that may be of value to future projects.Additional types of information, processes and considerations may be required for certain projects. Statement of Structural Tests and Special Inspections. Provide all design calculations used to arrive at the final design, including narrative, as necessary, to explain all work.

The following list is an example of possible calculations that may apply. Additional types of calculations may be required for certain projects:.

Explore This Park. Denver Service Center Workflows. Construction Drawings NPS standard park specific cover sheets NPS second sheet border Index sheet may be included on cover sheet General Sheets Overall site plan showing total project Existing conditions as base Contractor staging areas construction storage, field office, construction camp with adequate space or sequencing needs Construction limits Construction access Survey control, monuments and benchmarks with coordinates and elevations Property lines with bearings, easements, utility corridors and setbacks Proposed construction i.

Existing utilities, above and below ground, shown to scale inlets, lift stations, propane tanks, septic tanks, culverts, etc. Use appropriate symbols for small utility items i.

Existing land features and vegetation Overall symbol legend and abbreviations list, if applicable. Demolition plan, as appropriate. Demolition may be shown on discipline sheets if more appropriate. HazMat plans, as appropriate.

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Monuments and benchmarks identified with coordinates and elevations. Site features: roads, parking, structures, walks, steps, walls, etc. Utilities shown to scale lighting, transformers, pull boxes, manholes, inlets, lift stations, propane tanks, septic tanks, culverts, etc. Geotechnical testing areas, boring locations, percolation test holes Construction limits Road and Parking Existing conditions as base with plan and profile sheet outlines, as appropriate.

Plan and profile sheets Typical cross-sections Road and parking cross-sections Road and parking centerline stations, bearings, distances, and curve data layout tables, as appropriate Accessible parking, drop-off, oversized parking, and all accessible routes clearly delineated Intersections and other site radii identified with radius and coordinates Construction limits Storm Water Existing conditions as base Collection, treatment i.

Storm water protection Site features: roads, parking, structures, walks, steps, walls, etc. Accessible parking, drop-off, oversized parking, and all accessible routes clearly delineated Utilities shown, as appropriate, to scale lighting, transformers, pull boxes, manholes, inlets, lift stations, propane tanks, septic tanks, culverts, etc. Sections and elevations identified Site elements and details identified Construction limits Site Layout Plan Existing conditions as base Roads, parking, walks and service areas: Coordinates for building and site layout identify location of point - foundation, finish wall, etc.

Coordinates for all corner points of walks, parking, walls, and site features identify location of point - foundation, face of curb, etc. Structural Sheets General Applicable Codes and Standards Listing of design loads and all required information in accordance with IBC, Section Listing of all structural materials used, including material strengths Exposure Category and requirements for concrete Diaphragm fastening requirements Requirements for special inspection IBC, Chapter 17 List of abbreviations Symbols legend Standard Details Standard details applicable to the project Control joint details for all materials.

Control joints shall be located by dimension on the plan sheets. References to the architectural drawings for control joint locations are unacceptable. Enlarged scale mechanical plans for mechanical rooms where all necessary plan information cannot be conveyed at a smaller drawing scale. Discipline specific notes, legends, code references, symbols and abbreviations. Panel board and light fixture schedules Fire alarm matrix, riser and device location plans Lightning protection plans if applicable Telecommunication plans if applicable Single line diagrams for power distribution, telecommunications, fire alarm, and security systems.

Macros must be enabled to edit specification templates. Refer to instructions included in the Division 1 Specifications download.These documents must be biddable and buildable.

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DSC QA ensures delivered products meet the established programmatic, performance, and technical goals of the project. The checklists are designed to be comprehensive, but do not necessarily include all items that may be reviewed on a particular project. Not all items shown on the checklists are applicable to every project. QA review comments are recorded on the QA Review Form, a Microsoft Excel file, with a summary cover sheet and individual reviewer sheets.

Explore This Park. Denver Service Center Workflows. Supplies or services tendered by contractors meet contract requirements. Government contract quality assurance is conducted before acceptance except as otherwise provided in this partby or under the direction of Government personnel.

As prescribed in The Contractor shall, without additional compensation, correct or revise any errors or deficiencies in its designs, drawings, specifications, and other services.

construction documents quality management phase checklist

Neither the Government's review, approval or acceptance of, nor payment for, the services required under this contract shall be construed to operate as a waiver of any rights under this contract or of any cause of action arising out of the performance of this contract, and the Contractor shall be and remain liable to the Government in accordance with applicable law for all damages to the Government caused by the Contractor's negligent performance of any of the services furnished under this contract.

Back to Top. Last updated: May 8, Contact the Park Contact Us. DSC QA reviews each project for overall adherence to: Scope and budget DSC Design Standards Design Deliverables requirements Programmatic requirements NPS design ethic Appropriate design for the location NPS policies and guidelines Health, safety, and functional requirements and adequacy of construction documents biddable and buildable to construct the intended facility. This is consistent with the FAR, which states: Use a quality checklist to ensure quality is planned into your project.

A lack of quality control makes it impossible to guarantee quality in your projects. Rest easy knowing that you have all of your bases covered!

Schematic design phase quality management

The purpose of well-planned and repeatable quality management is to ensure the delivery of products or services which are acceptable to the customer based on some agreed upon standard of quality. Based on the project some checklists may differ but it is often advantageous to utilize a standard checklist when appropriate to achieve consistency.

This project quality checklist template provides you with a starting point to developing your project specific quality checklist. Download Template. Has the quality management plan been reviewed by all stakeholders? Do all stakeholders have access to the quality management plan? Is the quality management plan consistent with the rest of the overall project plan?

Have product quality metrics been established, reviewed, and agreed upon?

Quality Management Plan, Process Improvement Plan, Quality Checklists and Quality Metrics

Have process quality metrics been established, reviewed, and agreed upon? Do all metrics support a quality standard which is acceptable to the customer? Do all metrics have agreed upon collection mechanisms? Do all metrics have an agreed upon collection frequency? Are all metrics clear, measurable, controllable, and reportable? Does the project have an appropriate number of resources assigned for quality assurance and control? Has the project team established a repository for all quality documentation?

Do all team members have access to the quality documentation repository? Have all appropriate team members been notified of their required participation in quality reviews? Have quality responsibilities been assigned and documented and the applicable personnel notified? Have product and process quality standards been established, documented, and communicated?

Have quality thresholds and limits been established, documented, and communicated? Does the change control process accommodate project changes based on quality improvements? Has a project quality manager been assigned?Quality control is one of the most important aspects of any construction job as it directly impacts the quality of the inputs and quality of the final asset delivered. While all companies have good intentions for managing and optimising quality, the processes and checks and balances required to ensure quality are often misguided or missing altogether.

One of the surest mechanisms for maintaining quality across your construction jobs is to deploy checklists to important phases of construction or works. Quality control checklists for construction works are a simple and yet extremely powerful method for increasing quality and compliance. These checklists enable workers and companies to proactively manage quality - rather than reactively respond to issues.

This saves time and money, and results in better experiences for all stakeholders. This construction quality control checklist makes quality management and all of your quality control checklists easy. The checklist template is customisable for your projects and company; you can edit the framework to create different types of checklists concrete inspection, testing plans etc.

You can see the example checklist to the right is for a concrete inspection, and it can be easily adapted to any of your quality jobs. All of the 'smart' quality control checklists you complete are automatically stored in the cloud, where they are organised and always accessible. Don't use rigid PDF, word docs and excel sheets when you can use a smart template which streamlines quality control and quality work on site.

Dashpivot is user friendly quality management software trusted on projects of all sizes. No one plans to fail, they fail to plan. Ensure your projects are a success with this ITP. Complete thorough and professional quality control plans which impress your clients and contractors. Conduct and approve reliable site acceptance tests to ensure your systems are always installed and working properly.

Use this template now. This construction quality control checklist is free to use and is a proven framework for your quality control checklists. Quality Control Checklist for Construction - Free and customisable. Preview the full template. How does this construction quality control checklist work?

Preview how this digital construction quality control checklist works for yourself. Use this quality control checklist for your construction projects for free. This construction quality control checklist is powered by Dashpivot, which gives you more power and flexibility than rigid and admin heavy PDF's and word docs etc. Construction Quality Control Plan template Complete thorough and professional quality control plans which impress your clients and contractors.

Site Acceptance Testing template Conduct and approve reliable site acceptance tests to ensure your systems are always installed and working properly. See how. Click here to use this template for free. Sitemate is the industries most flexible project management software.

See how it can streamline your projects, teams and forms today.

construction documents quality management phase checklist

Learn more.A construction documents checklist is used by construction companies to ensure that they have all of their project documentation in place. A construction documents checklist is typically used and completed before a project begins, but can be useful as a 'sanity' check at any stage of a project or any stage of the company lifecycle.

While the premise of a construction document checklist is always the same - to check off documents on a predefined list of required documents - the length and content of a construction document checklist will vary from company to company and project to project.

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A company running a megaproject will need a lot more documentation than a company running a small 3 or 4 week project. Nevertheless, the document checklist can be an equally powerful tool for any project size, as the impact of forgetting or omitting a project document is all relative and potentially impactful for companies big and small.

The time it takes to perform and complete a quick document checklist is a small price to pay for giving yourself another chance to ensure all of your critical project information is in place. There are a couple of critical 'types' of documentation which need to be catered for on every project:. While these documents are inextricably linked, they often serve different purposes on a project, and it helps to segment them into their own construction documents checklist.

So first, we'll take a look at the information management system or IMS - the document checklist which covers the information being captured on site most days. Your information management system needs to cover all of your core project and business functions, which means your construction documents checklist needs to cover these functions too. Most of the important documents you'll need on 'every' project are summarised in the document checklist below. Environmental monitoring forms noise and vibration monitoring.

Managing all of this information using an information management system made up of folder structures, word docs, spreadsheets and PDFs can be a hassle, and extremely time-consuming. One way to remove much of this effort and to largely automate the organisation and deployment of documents across projects is to use an integrated management system like Dashpivot.

A flexible IMS like this can help you digitise and streamline any or all of your site documents, from daily reports all the way to safety talks. The site documentation checklist is critical to keeping your projects well documented and on track.

The 'project document checklist' is really important to keeping all of your policies and procedures above board - and for ensuring that your plans and other planning documents are in-line and audit proof. The construction document checklist below covers most of this documentation which will be required or provided on most construction projects in some form. Construction documents showing all structural members.

Project Management Checklists For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Design loads clearly indicated for all parts of the building or structure. Construction documents for structural concrete, masonry, truss drawings. This is of course not an exhaustive list of construction documents, nor an exhaustive construction document checklist, but you can modify and adjust it to suit your needs. Your construction document checklist should be comprehensive and thorough and leave no obvious or non-obvious document unturned.

The difference between a checklist item and a big dispute or legal issue is not checking that you have a specific document.

Construction documents have changed over the years, and moved from paper, folders and files to largely software and cloud-based. There is more scrutiny over how projects and construction companies conduct their operations than ever before, so it really does pay to capture, organise and track all of your documentation extremely closely.

Having a reliable construction document checklist is one of the easiest checks and balances you can place on your documents in order to safeguard yourself and your business.

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Construction documents checklist. Do you need a construction documents checklist? The two critical components of any construction document checklist The IMS document checklist The project document checklist Documents are the lifeblood of your projects.

What is a construction documents checklist? The two critical components of any construction document checklist. The information management system checklist. Learn more about this integrated management system.Read Content.

Content Retrieval. Doc Retrieval. Quality control checklist construction Pdf - WordPress. Document Viewer.

This led to quality assurance or total quality control, which has come into being Published by the American Society for Quality; Quality Assurance in Education, Read Article. View Video. Before you build, Building a new home begins long before the foundation is poured.

If that's the case, you have more control, All head, Are temperature control energy management and building automation Access Document. Why is it important to internal All post real estate construction, building acquisitions or The second objective of the audit was to obtain an understanding of the control environment surrounding this particular project to determine if any control Access Full Source.

Contractor Quality Control Plan Template MSDGC Contractor Quality Control Plan Template Confirm on resume at least 5 years of related experience in quality control inspection on construction review of all applicable plans, specifications, shop drawings and related submittals. A Preparatory Phase Meeting Checklist View This Document. Quality Control Checklist Construction - Pdfsdocuments. Read Here. By Susan M. Control: Does the team have Construction and Building Inspection Career Overview citytowninfo.

The excavation pit should be thoroughly consolidated before sand filling. If the filling part is more then 2ft in an excavation pit the consolidation should be in layers. Fetch Doc. This Best Practice Checklist aims at providing persons involved in quality control of Specify in the quality control testing contracts the requirement for the Access Doc.

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Checklist Item Item Description descriptions, specifications, construction quality control reports, Visit Document.


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