Ksa barrel 10 22

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Ksa barrel 10 22

The barrel is in pristine condition with no scratches, scuffs, gouges or rust. There is no major damage to be noted. The bore is slightly dark but shiny with strong rifling. There KSA markings are sharp. It does not include a front or rear sight. It measures 18 inches overall, including threads. Check out the raw wood we have to go with these barrels!

10/22® Target Barrel - Blued

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ksa barrel 10 22

Return Policy We will not generally accept returns, but if you are unhappy with your purchase, please contact us directly to discuss returning your item. Remington Model 12 Pump 22lr Carrier, 4th var.

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Remember me.Change out your barrel! Source: Mitch Barrie under CC 2. This is just to ensure you get everything where it should be with no slop or damage. Secondly, having a headspace gauge or go-gauge is highly recommended to prevent a slew of issues that can arise from improper head spacing. A rubber mallet is also a handy thing to have just to make sure you get the barrel properly seated. If you have field stripped your gun to clean it from time to time, you are only two screws away from a barrel change.

But what should you change it with? Check Price. If you want to turn heads, you can do it with accuracy or you can do it with style.

Or you can do it with both with Volquartsen! Volquartsen makes so many fine-tuned parts for so many guns.

ksa barrel 10 22

Every article should have something in it that is just another animal altogether and this is it! Instead of steel or aluminum, Volquartsen went with carbon fiber to really get the weight down. Barrels are tensioned at both ends to make the whole structure rigid and should provide some pretty consistent shots, even cold bore. This is a barrel for a certain sort of person. This is space age tech and deserves a sense of style. But it will shoot circles around a factory barrel and turn heads while doing so.

If you want something a little unique but is still high quality and very accurate, this is for you! Check Price and Reviews. Maybe you want something with some history. A company that has been making custom barrels since grandpa was in diapers. If so E. Shaw is the answer! Made with either stainless steel or chrome moly, these are plenty durable barrels with a satisfying weight to them. All barrels are Bentz chambered which is just a fancy taper that puts the lead on the rifling to tighten up those groups.

Shaw only makes bull barrels so make sure your stock is the right fit before you go after one of these. Shaw has developed somewhat of a reputation as a low-end custom barrel maker and apparently, an occasional rough model makes it out of the shop.

At the price point, well below half of some competitors, there is no reason to believe that this barrel will wear that badly with just a. If this were ait may be a different story.

This barrel has pretty much everything in common with a Shaw barrel but with perhaps a bit more fit and finish.Pepper Spray. Cleaning Supplies. Shooting Supplies.

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Review Average:. Heavy, cold hammer-forged blued steel barrel features recessed target crown and spiral design. WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

For more information go to www. Product Reviews Click here to review this item. Great upgrade to standard barrel.

The barrel was a very tight fit. The base gun was new and had only been test fired. I will say it is a tight fit, but I wouldnt want it any other way! In fact I would expect that from OEM.

I put the barrel in the vice and a few taps on the back of the receiver and voila! This is a bench rest rifle. It has an archangel stock, a 2lb trigger I made myself from the OE, and a hand lapped and radiused bolt. It is not picky on ammo. Im hitting pencil erasers at 25yds, pennies at 50yds, and ping pong balls at yds.

Very satisfied. Dont forget this barrel weighs almost 5lbs!Depending on your receiver, if there is paint build up in the receiver mortise be sure to scrape that out.

We recommend using an anti-seize compound to assist in installation. Anti-seize is readily available at automotive stores. It is best if you can get the barrel tenon started into the receiver mortise, then turn it over and tap the back of the receiver with a rubber mallet.

Be sure to line the extractor slot up as you are installing the barrel. Your barrel is ready to shoot, just run two magazines through it before you really start looking at group size.

Do this each time you change brands of ammunition as well. Keep the chamber clean, but don't clean the bore too much you will decrease accuracy. Depending on the ammo, clean the bore around every rounds. Fluted polished and bead blasted bull barrel. Write a Review. Add to Gift Registry. Your Price: Availability: In Stock. Quantity Add to Cart. Our aftermarket replacement for the.

The fluting enhancement in a. We believe these are the finest barrels on the market, each one is hand lapped.

Our stainless steel barrel is bored and rifled by Lothar Walther in Germany.

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A proprietary chamber reamer is used to ensure the cartridge and bullet feed smoothly. Our barrels are chambered to accept. The unique convex extractor slot eliminates extraction problems by ensuring the extractor is always in perfect alignment with the case rim. Why doesn't everybody use this extractor slot? Because the tooling is very expensive and requires tolerances be held very close for proper machining.

Each barrel receives an 11 degree crown and the double ring at the muzzle end with KIDD marked on the barrel. We can offer such a great price on this barrel because we don't sell to distributors, only retail and dealer pricing are offered, therefore we don't have to increase our price to compensate for 3 tier pricing.


There are cheaper barrels out there but as with all KIDD products, "you get what you pay for. First and foremost barrel droop is eliminated with a solid fit between the barrel and the receiver.

If the barrel slips in too easily then the shooter should already be aware that there is not a secure fit and gravity will start doing her work immediately.Posted: Mon Feb 08, am. All three Ruger target guns offer a.


The first gun in the series features a satin stainless steel finish Item Rthe second gun has a blue finish Item and the third provides retailers with a two-tone finish and a polished stainless steel barrel Item R. First shipments of these products have arrived and are available to ship to AcuSport customers. Based in Bellefontaine, Ohio, AcuSport Corporation is a nationwide distributor of shooting and hunting products with regional sales offices in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Minnesota, Texas, Montana and California.

Independent retailers, who would like to place an order, please call or visit www. Posted: Mon Feb 08, pm. I saw one of these at my local gun store the other day. Posted: Thu Feb 11, pm. Does anybody know what Ruger's actual catalog number not model number is for the two-tone model? Post subject: question bout the new acusports.

Posted: Sun Feb 14, pm. Posted: Fri Mar 12, am. Chet15 My rifle box says Catalog No. Model Hawkeye Matte B. Morton Co. Post subject: Re: question bout the new acusports. Posted: Sat Mar 13, pm. Posted: Tue Mar 16, pm. Chet15 Here is my favorite part, with cheap ammo, no less! Posted: Mon Apr 19, am. Looks like Jeff forgot to blow his own horn. Posted: Thu Jan 20, pm.

I just bought the stainless model, can't wait to get a scope on it and get out and try it out. It was the last one at our local store and they said they could not get anymore. Don't know if there was any truth to that.

I guess that was a lie. I just got an email back from Acusport and they said they still have models available for there dealers. They also told me that Ruger only made a of these for Acusport.

I'm assuming that's a of each of three models. That is kind of neat knowing I have one of a made.Carbon fiber wrapped barrels seem to be all the rage for the past several years. Proof Research has led the market with their carbon fiber precision barrels.

Summit Precision has come out with their own carbon fiber barrels that are a little bit more affordable.

Just like the Volquartsen THM Tension barrel, the Summit Precision carbon fiber barrel uses a carbon fiber sleeve rather than a true carbon fiber wrap. I do not see this being an issue.

It is a rimfire barrel after all.

ksa barrel 10 22

So how lightweight is the Summit Precision carbon fiber barrel? That is the ultimate question though right? Well, I am happy to say that is not the case. It performs very, very well. So there were a couple of issues but these are not deal breakers. The first hiccup is the barrel fit to the receiver. Since Summit Precision makes their barrels to be for precision shooting the barrel is a bit tight going into the receiver. They left the barrel tenon slightly oversized so you can custom fit the barrel to your receiver.

This one made it halfway into the receiver and I used a rubber mallet and WD to pound it into its final position. I realized that I will have a difficult time removing this barrel from my upper receiver if I want to change out barrels. Not possible with this barrel.

The chamber is a little tight so make sure you use good ammo. I had a couple failures to feed on some Remington Golden Bullets. At the moment a few followers on Instagram along with myself have made suggestions of barrels they should make next.

I would like to see a similar barrel made for the Ruger Precision Rimfire rifle. It is my current favorite bolt action rimfire rifle but it is a bit heavy.

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Reducing the weight with a carbon sleeved barrel without sacrificing accuracy would be fantastic. I would also like to see the barrels Cerakoted or parkerized. The satin stainless steel looks cool for a bench gun but I prefer a more subdued look. Of course, the rattle can spray paint can solve this small issue, I prefer a more robust coating. Summit Precision carbon fiber barrel weighs 1lbs 7. Shaw Bull Barrel. Older Posts.

Privacy Policy.Close-tolerance Bentz chamber combines the accuracy of a match grade chamber with the reliable cycling of a standard factory chamber. Extra-heavy, untapered. Use with standard or match grade ammunition; not for use with CCI Stinger ammunition. Minor fitting to stock may be required.

Stainless model available in smooth 18" long barrel or patented helical fluting for greater heat dissipation, less weight, and improved barrel harmonics. Both have dished crown. Please enter your email address and quantity below and we will send you an alert when the item becomes available.

Please note that alerted inventory is on a first come, first serve basis. If you would like a copy of the chat transcript please click "Send Transcript" below.

Thank you for contacting Brownells. Live Chat is available am to Midnight U. CST Saturday - Sunday. You may also contact us via email at info brownells. Live Chat Live Chat. Facebook Instagram. Create an Account Login Create an Account. Cart 0. Schematic ID Number. Big Book Catalog, Issue, Page New Products Week in Review Video. Length Please Select Click here for price! Add to Cart Online Only.

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Would you like to backorder? Important Information! Would you like to be alerted when the item becomes available again? Quantity: Email:.


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