Oxygen not included best seed for beginners

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Oxygen not included best seed for beginners

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When assembling your crew, the type of duplicants you select will make all the difference in your progress. Traits that are important for beginners include digging, construction, learning, and athleticism.

Lots of points in digging and construction will assist in expanding your colony space, as well as fitting it with amenities. High points in learning will make research and advancing technology much quicker.

Great athleticism comes in handy when the crew is manually generating all of the energy to keep everything running smoothly. Aim for duplicants with low decor expectations is a good start. Also, make note of their negative traits. If you have someone in the crew who has insatiable hunger or an overactive bladder then plan accordingly. Try being proactive by building an outhouse or a microbe musher as soon as your new colony member arrives. As your colony members dig, the ground will become cluttered with various debris which can affect the air quality.

A great tip for beginners is to assign one type of resource to each container. Start by building a manual generator and a tiny battery. Connect the two devices with an electrical wire and make this a priority for duplicants with high athleticism since they will excel at supplying the colony with energy.

Next, build an algae deoxidizer. Attach this to the generator or the battery using an electrical wire. Check out our article on how to get more oxygen if you're looking for different ways to achieve this. A research station will give your colony a head start on learning some of the more advanced technology such as farming, advanced plumbing, and much more.

The microbe musher and research station will require an energy source so be sure to factor that into the equation when you begin constructing these items.

Also note that building should be assigned to individuals with points in construction, and research should be conducted by members with skill points in learning. There you have it! If you have any additional tips for beginners that you think we missed, let us know in the comments!

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By using the site, you are consenting to this. Read more about our cookie policy. March 08 Felicia Miranda.Now when we have the ability set a map seed for the next generated world. Who has found the best map seed?

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Of the map seed i tried "1" is the best. In the beginning you get a water and nature gas geyser and later on you get the second natural gas geyser. I think this is not shown until much later to prevent abuse.

This forces your brain to ooze it's creative juice. Yes but unless you know the number, you can't input new map. Currently, the dev haven't shown us how to get it. All numbers is a valied! The dev have given us the user the option to set a start seed for the map generation. If you write 1 you get the same map every time you start a new map. This is how map seeds works.

Now you can send a seed to a friend and you can play the same map! I will find that it might kill some of the fun due to back seat playing.

Normally, everybody excuse against other player design is that my map is different from yours. This will make it harder to counter that lol. Yhee you are correct. But i also fun to have the options to play on a easy maps. Bust mostly i gonna use this feature to find a hard map and then play that map with a friend over some beers and the first one to die or give up loses.

Although an increase difficultly might sound nice, you are treading dangerous waters to apply it for this game. For example: 1 increase o2 intake for all dupes. All of these a lot of complaints already existing. Same reason as 1. Same as 1. You right in this need to be an map setting that is not for the average player. I only play on weak immune system and pessimistic duplicates i do not know if this does anything for the game yet, hard to say if it has any impact.

Right now millwood farms is op. To increase the difficulty you would have to make this food source cost something and lowering the food gain.

This is currently broken in my mind. To change anything to make the game harder is really difficult the only options would be to lower the resources in the world in the map settings. And add a higher difficulty level for immune system and stress.This page includes the best Oxygen Not Included tips and tricks for players who not only want to learn how to build a sustainable colony but wish to thrive.

When choosing a Duplicant to add to your colony, keep in mind the role they will need to fill. Starting a new colony requires lots of digging, construction, and learning so aim for Dupes with skill points in those areas. As you progress, the need for Duplicants who specialize in cooking, medicine, creativity, and tinkering will increase.

oxygen not included best seed for beginners

This is where new Dupes can come in handy. When looking at Duplicant stats, keep in mind that high stats typically come with negative traits and demanding expectations in Decor and Food Quality. There are four Duplicant stress responses to look out for in Oxygen Not Included:. This includes paintings, sculptures, potted plants, brightly-lit workstations, assigned cots and mess tables, quality food, and plenty of clean oxygen.

Polluted oxygen, dirt, and water might seem useless and troublesome but these are the key to sustaining your colony. Print Dupes sparingly.

The m ore Duplicants there are, the less resources for everyone. Gases fall in your colony according to their weight and saturation. Allow gas to travel freely by placing Pneumatic Doors throughout your colony. This prevents unbreathable gas from getting trapped in parts of your colony and makes gas management easier.

Use the Prioritization command on the bottom right-hand corner to signal which tasks are the most important. High priority tasks can include Manual Generators, Microbe Mushers, resource delivery, and any sudden accidents that might occur. A Dupes primary job will always be their highest leveled skill. Wake up Narcoleptic Duplicants by clicking on them and using the Move To command. Last Edited: 25 Jul pm. Water is the lifeblood of your colony.

All tasks are set to a priority of 5 by default but Prioritization begins with the lowest being 1 and the highest being 9. Was this guide helpful? YES NO. In This Wiki Guide O.

Oxygen Not included: Beginner's Strategy Guide

Developer Klei Entertainment. Publisher Klei Entertainment. Table of Contents.The game advises you to "Start Digging. This guide aims to help new players through the first few cycles. Before the actual game starts, you will be presented some settings dialogs. See Game Settings for a description of those.

The recommended game mode for beginners arguably is the "No Sweat" mode and the Terra asteroid. The first step you want to take is to start digging around to gather materials, increase your space and get access to water and other oxygen pockets. Although these won't kill your Duplicants affectionately known as Dupesthey do complicate life early on. A golden rule of ONI is "Don't expand too fast too early.

Not only will your Duplicants waste time digging out areas, your small oxygen supply will be spread out over a larger area, hastening your death by low oxygen. Your first building should be an Outhousewhich you can find in the Plumbing menu.

Because the bladders of Duplicants fill up once every cycle twice if they have the Small Bladder trait it is important to supply them with a toilet. If not, they'll make a mess on the floor, which creates Polluted Water. When a Duplicant steps in polluted water they will become stressed out. Luckily, polluted water can easily be mopped up. However, Duplicants must step in clean water or shower in order to clean themselves. At this point, you can begin to think about expansion and growing your colony to survive past the first few cycles.

At this point it is recommended to clear a space to make Cots for your Dupes.

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Having a bed to sleep in decreases Stress and prevents them from getting the Sore Back debuff from sleeping on the floor. You should leave a space or two between every couple Cots for future items you might want to build e.

TOP 5 MISTAKES NEW PLAYERS MAKE - Tutorial - Oxygen Not Included Guide

Leaving a gap between the ceiling and top of any items you build early on can be beneficial for the same reason. That way, later you can clear up this space and add items to increase the Decorwhich further lowers stress. But this isn't important in the first few cycles.

What will kill most colonies is an overload of Stress. This usually makes them incapable of carrying on with their assigned tasks. One stressed dupe can also increase the stress of others with their stress response. For example, a dupe who's a Vomiter, will of course, vomit when stressed, generating large amounts of Polluted Water. This can contaminate drinking water and spread disease, and other dupes will have to step in it to pass by or clean it up, increasing their stress levels.

Left unchecked this can quickly spiral out of control, and your colony can fail quickly. Thus managing stress is one of the most important things for a colony. One of the other most important concerns is food. Duplicants need a steady supply of calories to keep running around like headless chickens. Duplicants will burn about 1, kilocalories kcal per day, 1, if they have the Bottomless Stomach trait. You start with 16, calories worth of rations on normal difficulty, but you'll need to supplement this before long.

Usually excavating nearby chambers will provide the colony with MuckrootsMeal Liceand Bristle Berry. Food should be your priority for now as your starting rations will only last your 3 Duplicants for a little bit over 6 cycles.

You can gather a few wild Muckroot and Meal Lice growing in the air pockets around your base, but they are not a sustainable food source and are only supplemental for now. These are unlikely to be infectious Diseases for the first several cycles, but it's better to be safe, as illness can be hard to stop after an outbreak starts.

Once you unlock the Planter Box first item on Food branch of the Research treeyou will be able to grow your own Mealwood plants and make steady supply of Liceloaf with it. However this may be inadvisable as Liceloaf requires a large amount of water; consider researching Meal Preparation so that you can make Pickled Meal using the Electric Grill instead.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

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Oxygen Not included: Beginner's Strategy Guide

Oxygen Not Included Store Page. Global Achievements. Since nobody else has started one for this update, what y'all got in the quality world seeds department? Showing 1 - 15 of 21 comments. Jaffles View Profile View Posts. Try these: they may not work though. Last edited by Mr. Jaffles ; 18 Dec, pm. Maybe not so good for noobs because lots of slime and low starting copper but there is a hydrogen, nat gas, cool steam and slush geyser close to the starting biome for a quick start.

Clonefarmer View Profile View Posts. First one is really nice for new players!

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Nice for temp, and you just have to make one waterlock each side, and you need no coal once you have research what you need for gas generator! Over 25T of algae in the starting biome, and haven't even mine all of that so maybe my number is below the real one : Gold volc, chlorine, 3 cool steam. You can check all the geyser on oni-seed-browser, i found it there and it's very nice for start to rocket. Just give a try Found this one randomly tonight, seems quite good, let you check :.

Oxygen Not Included: Best Tips for Beginners

I like the seed browser n all but it doesn't really look for "good" starting conditions and closeness of geysers and stuff which is what I'm after. Originally posted by Ben Chang :. Diadema View Profile View Posts. I went into debug mode looking and looked at several seeds to find a good one for my current game. Using this one right now: Pros: 2 of the AETNs are in close proximity 2 cool steam vents that are close to one another 2 gold volcanos Cool slush geyser is near the cool steam vents 3 oil reservoirs 1 Hydrogen vent 1 Natural gas vent The surface prebuilt structure is off to one side Cons: No chlorine gas vent unless I missed it Polluted oxygen vent is in an awkward spot 2 of the AETNs have ladders next to them.

Last edited by Diadema ; 23 Dec, am. Originally posted by LoganMB :. Last edited by Ben Chang ; 26 Dec, pm. Zhorge View Profile View Posts. This is a great thread, thank you very much! I have several ideas to try in the real world but need some "good" map seeds and this is just what I was looking for.

Last edited by kakugo ; 27 Dec, am. Searched in my previous game, this one is also good : Natural geyser in the starting biome to the right 3 cool steam vent, and one in inside cold biome with an aetn :D cool slush geyser hydro vent chlorine gold volcano and other i don't remember, but really an easy map with good setup for your layout!

Last edited by Ben Chang ; 27 Dec, pm. Forlaith View Profile View Posts. Enjoying this seed so far, nice blend of geysers found this site after rage quiting a colony with the worst geyasers Originally posted by madcow :. If you go to that site scroll down and expand the other features and you will see a world map as well as a breakdown of the elements on the seed.ONI is a sci-fi colony simulator in which you are tasked with keeping alive a group of duplicants who have mysteriously found themselves deep underground on an unfamiliar planet.

However you seek to do this is up to, but you must make sure they have enough food, water, and oxygen duh. You will also want to make sure that your living quarters stay clean, that stress levels stay low, and that you research technologies and explore the environment to accomplish all of the other tasks. One of the first things you will do in the game is choosing your duplicants from a set of randomly generated ones.

As you play the game, you will get the opportunity to recruit a new duplicant every so often. Whenever this happens, you will have three duplicants to choose from. Each duplicant will have certain stats, as well as certain pros and cons.

Stats are generally straightforward, and a tooltip will appear over any of the pros and cons you need to know about. Some pros are great. Conversely, some cons are really bad. Like Mouth Breather, which causes the duplicant to use more oxygen, or Loud Sleeper, which is one of the worst cons because it means duplicants will disturb others. You also have to be wary about certain cons which mean that a dup is incapable of doing a certain task.

You can get a dup who has a high number of points in a skill, like mining, when they are not technically capable of actual mining. Every duplicant also has a stress response. The former means duplicants vomit when under great stress, and the latter means they will destroy a piece of equipment. However, the devs are aware of this, so it could be patched out any day now.

Objects can be repaired when destroyed, but this could prove too costly. If none of the dups available within a given batch seem promising, then you can always choose to not recruit any of them.

Instead, wait for the next batch. Jobs and priority levels are important ways to ensure that your team is working efficiently, especially as it increases in size. Most duplicants are capable of doing any task, but most of them have particular things at which they are less efficient or more efficient.Forgot your password? Or sign in with one of these services. This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies.

Please be aware that the content of this thread may be outdated and no longer applicable. I have gotten somewhat tired of going cycles in and wishing I had very different Geysers.

I was wondering if anyone knew a seed that has what I want, or a method to evaluating them quickly without using debug mode. Maybe the algorithm to geysers by seed itself? If you load a save it'll tell you all the geysers on the map, and then you can edit their type and rates if you want, and re-save it.

oxygen not included best seed for beginners

Worked well for me, just modded my seed to add in a little more geyser variety. But on another note, I do hope they'll add an advanced world generation system, where we can just pick the geysers or debris we want and it'll spit one out.

The randomness is enjoyable, but my last map had 4 chlorine geysers. It literally takes away from all the cool things you can build and do when you never get a slush geyser or hydrogen geyser or anything interesting.

Couldn't even experiment with the volcanoes. I do hope to see more variety of geysers too. Like having cool water geysers that output water just above freezing.

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But yeah thanks for the link Ima make a cool save now. If you are not bothered about changing the world generation you can also force more geysers into the game. I did but I also increased the map size. If here is the place to find the seed of my dream to start into ranching mk2 tomorrow. I would like to try it too:. Seed: This is the one I use atm for mk1, hoping it will still be relatively the same in mk2, it has 2 steams and a pol water geyser left of the base, and below it an NG one, right of the base there's a chlorine geyser, and further on a pol water one, downwards from there a slush, upwards from there a pO2.

Bottom right there's an oil well next to an iron volcano. There's also 2 minor volcanos, one in the cold biome above the base, and one in the cold biome left of the steam geysers and upwards. There's also plenty of wheezeworts, an AETN under the left volcano, another one top right of the map and a third somewhere left of the top minor volcano. So yeah, it's got everything you'd want aside from maybe infinite gold.

oxygen not included best seed for beginners

Would like infinite gold and iron. I've instead been saving the seed numbers that people recommend that have the geysers I want and playing those seed numbers. It's still an exploration since I don't know where they are, but at least I don't have a beautiful base at cycle and discover it's got multiple chlorine and oil reservoirs instead of ones I want For some people, yes.

I can understand. The current map I'm on gave me a copper volcano 20 tiles west of my printer. Almost restarted right then but then I forced myself to do my normal find 3 hidden geysers before giving up. Geyser 2 is a decent polluted water vent so I'm on the fence now.


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