Sub woofer kef

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Sub woofer kef

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Home speakers and subwoofers deliver the full range of audio when you are watching movies, television shows, or sports games. They also provide you with an immersive audio experience when you are listening to music or playing video games.

On eBay, you can shop for new and used KEF home speakers and subwoofers in a variety of configurations and styles to suit your needs. The configuration options for the KEF home speakers and subwoofers include single-speaker, single-subwoofer, and systems. There are system ranges from 2. The systems have speakers and subwoofers in the set. The sets may have two or more speakers and a subwoofer for setting up a home theatre.

The affordable KEF speakers on eBay offer two-way and three-way designs. The two-way units have two loudspeakers that separate audio frequencies into low and high ranges. The three-way units separate audio into low, middle, and high ranges. The sound qualities include Hi-Fi and high-def. Hi-Fi is ideal for listening to music, and high-def is ideal for listening to dialogue. Skip to main content. Filter 1. Shop by Colour. Shop by Type. See all - Shop by Type. Best selling. KEF Ci All Auction Buy it now.If you want to feel the earth move, look no further.

Twin 9-inch driver 'force-cancelling' subwoofer. To experience the full impact of dramatic on-screen effects, bass definition and control are critical with this much power.

11 of the best KEF products of all time

The Kube 12b is engineered to deliver the deepest bass for music and movies. If you want to feel the earth move look no further. The mid sized Kube 10b has a sealed cabinet, inch bass driver and Watts to produce serious extension and control.

Don't let its compact size fool you, the Kube 8b may not take up much space but the bass it delivers is anything but small. With bass power that belies its size, the T-2 subwoofer creates a 3D image by adding definition and weight to the bottom end. Sign In.

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Sold out. Twin 9-inch driver 'force-cancelling' subwoofer To experience the full impact of dramatic on-screen effects, bass definition and control are critical with this much power.

KF92 Subwoofer. Twin 9-inch driver 'force-cancelling' subwoofer KF92 is a subwoofer designed to deliver deep and fast bass from a compact, room-friendly design. Kube 12b. Kube 10b. Kube 8b. Slim profile subwoofer With bass power that belies its size, the T-2 subwoofer creates a 3D image by adding definition and weight to the bottom end. Are you situated in? CART 0 Products.Two absolutely identical emitters, the baskets of which are rigidly interconnected, are mounted in completely closed litre body.

Working in-phase and radiating in opposite directions, they create identical spurious vibrations, which are opposite in phase. As the result, the impact of one speaker completely cancels the impact of another, and no vibration is transmitted to the body.

This can be easily seen, putting a hand on running subwoofer. When it plays on such high power that you are afraid to touch jumping diffusers, the body stays absolutely motionless. The construction of speakers also deserves a special attention. The diffuser that we see on the outside is only the part of complex mobile system.

An absolutely rigid plate of the diffuser, made of composite material, is placed on the aluminum frame, which is driven by sound coil of big diameter, working in the field of powerful, ventilated magnet system. There are numerous holes, guaranteeing free air stream, in the frame, connecting the coil and diffuser. This avoids the effect of compression and improves the accuracy of emitter's work. Amplification is provided by two W modules of D class.

The crossover is regulated smoothly within wide limits; phase control is discrete. Also there is the possibility of additional equalizing of bass. EQ control allows to locally increase the output on the frequency of 40 Hz on 6 or 12 dB. In addition to low-level inputs there is a high-level one, which is not through and realized in the form of original connector.

We had to horse around the setting. When we tried KEF Rb to go with satellites on the frequency higher Hz, the middle and upper bass becomes to dominate, thereby masking the lower frequencies.

Thus, it is preferable to use this sub with system, which is able to play low frequencies confidently up to 80 Hz. Listening to how KEF Rb works in cinema mode, you understand that despite of quite small sizes exactly the lower bass is its native environment.

The subwoofer elaborates LFE-channel authentically and powerfully. It is not bad in music too, but sometimes I would like to add more subtle microdynamics to clarity and cleanliness of bass. However, there is the risk to roll down to coloring and KEF can't afford it.With bass power that belies its size the T-2 subwoofer creates a 3D image by adding definition and weight to the bottom end. Easy to conceal thanks to its compact dimensions, the T-2 delivers fast, uniformly dispersed and devastatingly accurate bass with a Watts Class D amp and mm 10in.

For probably ten years I've had a small inexpensive subwoofer manufactured by a well known and very reputable Japanese company, which I've always thought was perfectly fine, until I decided to match my LS50 wireless setup with a Kef sub as well.

WHAT a difference - talk about punch!

KEF LS50 Wireless Bass I Love You

I'm listening to music way more often now, just because of this beautiful purchase. KEF reserves the right, in line with continuing research and development, to amend or change specifications. Slim profile full-sized 5. Uncompromised home theatre sound without bulky boxes. T system with Ts all round and a T-2 subwoofer is ready for anything. Slim profile mid-sized 5. For drama as well as music, even in larger loft-like spaces, this has the power to keep everyone on the edge of their seat.

Slim profile compact 5. The T system combines slimline surround and centre channels with a compact sub to produce full scale cinematic sound. Slim profile full-sized satellite speakers. With a flat screen TV, you want speakers to match.

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Really flat. KEF's most versatile speaker is only 3. Built to match the T satellites this centre channel has the same drivers making it a perfect choice for gripping home theatre. The dedicated Tc provides the critical centre channel duties for maximum vocal clarity in our most discreet home cinema system.

This elegantly simple floor stand matches T Series satellites and automatically adjusts their balance to suit different positions.

Sign In. T2 Subwoofer 2 reviews. Colour Black White. Add to Basket. Notify Me Would you like to receive updates from KEF and be notified when this product becomes available? Slim profile subwoofer.

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Customer Reviews. The Details. Contact your local dealer for specific range details. Awards and Reviews. TE Award - CustomRetailer. Home Theater Products of the Year - About.

Related Products. Sold out. Slim profile full-sized satellite speakers With a flat screen TV, you want speakers to match.

KF92 Subwoofer

Slim profile compact satellite speakers KEF's most versatile speaker is only 3. Two and a half-way centre channel Built to match the T satellites this centre channel has the same drivers making it a perfect choice for gripping home theatre.This new sub is a sleeper; relatively compact and subtly designed, but it absolutely roars, pressurizing your room with elegantly-deep bass.

The only downside is that you won't hear any low frequencies below 22Hz, so if you're an LFE super-nerd: one, you're awesome and, two, you need to look elsewhere. It would also be great to have a wireless option.

Highly Recommended. Most subwoofers get the job done, delivering grunt and power where your bookshelf, satellite, or even towers can't reach, but great subwoofers deliver said grunt and power more smoothly, more subtly, and with more precision.

Great subwoofers mask their proximity to your seating position and rarely distort or boom. Giving you unparalleled precision and ultimate synchronicity between amplifier, driver and sealed cabinet. The only differences come in both woofer and overall size.

With an 8" mm driver and a db maximum output, the KUBE 8b boasts a 34Hz to Hz frequency response range, weighs In terms of missing features, I'd love to see KEF offer a wireless kit for this series or possibly even as a built-in featurewhich would expand and extend room-placement possibilities.

Also, the 12b is so good I'm curious about what a larger "15b" might sound like if ever developed. Visually, the new KUBE subwoofers are compact cubes with a glossy black top and sides wrapped in a flat, black cloth. Overall, the KUBE 12b is a handsome subwoofer that almost hides in the room.

It is, in some ways, elegant and, in others, invisible. Time to buy stock in Swiffer. I also added a wireless 12" Klipsch Reference sub model RSWi for a bit, but the 12b sounded better on its own. Setting up a subwoofer is equal parts simple and complex. The connections and switches are quick and plug-n-play. Lastly, I tuned the system with the AVR's Audyssey calibration and manually bumped the volume up a few clicks.

The complexity comes from the way each room pressurizes differently, and whether or not you're running two or more subwoofers. Though I began with the KUBE 12b closer to a room corner, and that Klipsch sub in the back of the room closer to the opposite corner, the two subs didn't really work well together, so I placed the KUBE 12b dead center in relation to my seating position.

Effectively, it was in line with a Qc Center Channel but in front of my entertainment center shelving. In my experience, most subwoofers will fill a room, but when lesser models are pushed with higher volumes and deeper tones, they honk and buzz and reveal their location.

This is especially true for home theater in a box type systems. When the 12b arrived for review, I was nearly done with my KEF Q Series evaluation and fussing around with a dual 12" Klipsch Reference setup, but those subs fatigue my ears when pushed too hard. Blade Runner is a demonstration worthy 4K Blu-ray for so many reasons, but its Dolby Atmos sound mix features a pulse-pounding score by Hans Zimmer and Benjamin Wallfisch along with gunshots and explosions and thumping crashes.

In both soundtracks, the 12b grunted and pushed me back in my seat. It was glorious.There are some exceptions -- Paradigm produces some truly stellar subs -- but by and large, subwoofers sometimes seem like afterthoughts in the product lines of many speaker manufacturers. When Jeff Fritz, the SoundStage! So I agreed.

Each driver is powered by its own W class-D amplifier, with a fourth-order low-pass filter continuously variable from 40 to Hz. On the rear panel are line-level stereo inputs on RCA connectors, as well as speaker-level inputs, a power switch, an inlet for the removable power cord, and a switch for selecting the range of input voltage: V or V.

It matched the other R-series speakers in my system, their high-quality black finish and silver trim making an impressive- and attractive-looking combination. After experimenting with placement of the Rb, I settled on a position similar to the one I use with most subwoofers in my room. Not surprisingly, the integration of the outputs of the KEF R-series speakers and sub was excellent. With the Rb, it blended nearly perfectly with the other channels, imaging solidly in the center of the soundstage and sounding as prominent and articulate as the tenors in each of the other channels.

High-resolution film soundtracks on Blu-ray sounded refined and coherent with the Rb. The explosions and gunfire in the many battle scenes of Edge of Tomorrow were clean and authoritative, and even the ultralow bass tones in the opening scene were reproduced loudly and clearly.

At times, I might have wished that the Rb had just a bit more downward reach and output in the lowest octave, but its overall performance, including its lightning-fast response and tightly controlled grip, was always effective. The final fight scene of Kingsman: The Secret Service contains plenty of explosive sound effects and gunfire, which the Rb reproduced superbly.

There were also a couple of deep, sustained tones that heightened the tension at crucial points in the frenzied action. Not only that, but the added underpinning provided by the KEF sub deepened the soundstage and made for a more solid and cohesive sound overall. With the hi-rez version, and especially with the addition of the Rb, I was better able to follow the rhythm of the bass guitar and drums, which improved the sense of pace.

However, compared to the smaller, more modern-looking KEF Rb, the e looks a little utilitarian; the matched appearances of all four KEF R-series speakers made for a handsome system that, in my room, looked as good as or better than many lifestyle systems. This was hardly noticeable in normal listening; it became evident only when I played some of my reference torture tracks for bass at very high levels.

But while the e was superior in extension and output, the Rb was still an all-around excellent performer. With the Rb, movies still sounded great, as did music, which always sounded coherent and tuneful. In the Rb, KEF has produced a subwoofer that deserves your consideration. Roger Kanno rogerk soundstagenetwork. Warranty: Five years parts and labor; one year, electronics. E-mail: sales kefamerica.

sub woofer kef

Visit NADElectronics. Back Our Other Sites. See all of our videos. KEF Rb Subwoofer. R-series performance Not surprisingly, the integration of the outputs of the KEF R-series speakers and sub was excellent.KEF is one of the most well-respected British brands in world hi-fi and has been for well over 50 years. In So kick back, relax and reminisce. The Coda IIIs used a KEF designed and Japanese built 3cm fabric dome tweeter, plus a 20cm paper pulp mid-bass driver which was glued into the cabinet to ensure a solid seal.

Proper budget speakers didn't get much better in Bass frequencies would then emit from a solitary opening on the front of each speaker. This was done to lower distortion, improve power handling and deliver more bass from a small cabinet. The speakers served a solid, tangible soundstage and rich, textured bass. Mission had a stranglehold and were proving difficult to beat.

sub woofer kef

Their 30cm cabinets used an upside-down driver layout with a 13cm coated paper bass driver sat above a 25mm soft dome tweeter. Not the most high-tech design, then, but they still managed to produce an outstanding sound. Small and compact floorstanders have a certain charm and this was definitely the case with the diminutive KEF Q35s, which debuted in The Coda 7s were always going to be a tough act to follow, but KEF managed to maintain its lofty standards with the arrival of its new Cresta 2 standmounters.

At 37cm they were relatively tall for budget standmounters and this extra size was reflected in the exceptional sense of scale and openness. Like the Coda 7s, the Cresta 2s used a simple 25mm soft dome tweeter with a 13cm coated paper cone, but in a more traditional arrangement, with the former positioned above the latter.

If you want a home cinema icon, then look no further than the KHT from The cast aluminium, egg-shaped satellites looked the business and were a welcome distraction from more traditional-looking boxy alternatives. KEF completely revamped its flagship Reference range of loudspeakers in The Reference 3s were four-way baby towers that boasted beautiful curved cabinets, and a time-aligned tweeter sat on top of a Uni-Q driver.

Like its ancestors, the iQ35SEs were a compact and attractive pair of hugely talented floorstanders.

sub woofer kef

They also featured unusually flexible bass reflex ports designed to reduce unwanted midrange distortions. Needless to say the LS50s sounded exceptional, with impressive dispersion, a huge stereo image and big, communicative bass. They're a shining and shiny example of KEF's high-end engineering at its best, and set a benchmark that few rivals can match. A simply gorgeous speaker with the sound to match, the Reference 1 speakers are brilliant all-rounders that work superbly across across a wide range of music, systems and rooms.

Archive to find the KEF R3s. And a fitting end to our round-up. Welcome to What Hi-Fi?


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